RUST Bradley APC Command and Variables

RUST Bradley APC Command

The RUST Bradley APC command and variables

The RUST Bradley APC command was introduced in Devblog 173 and then became officially unveiled in Devblog 174. The Bradley APC is an AI controlled tank that follows a specified path around the Launch Site monument. It has two weapons, it’s primary canon and a secondary machine gun. The primary cannon has quite the aggro range and causes a considerable amount of damage. All players that approach the Bradley APC are considered hostile and will be automatically engaged.

The Bradley APC being an armored tank has a grand total of 1000 health and can be damaged via C4, Rockets, and explosive rounds. Upon it’s destruction it will drop 3 APC Crates. The remains of the Bradley APC can also be harvested once the fire has subsided, in an identical manner to the helicopter when it’s been destroyed.

While it is rumored that this NPC will be introduced to other monuments in the future, server admins and moderators can manually spawn the Bradley APC into the game world using the RUST Bradley APC command. Below, you’ll find an image of the current path that the Bradley APC patrols around the Launch Site monument.

RUST Bradley APC Pathing

Image Source: RUST Devblog 174

A few practical reasons for using the RUST Bradley APC command and variables:

  • The RUST Bradley APC command can be used to add additional NPCs into your server
  • Allows players to interact with more hostile NPCs, adding more danger to exploration
  • Spawning Bradley APCs into the game for custom events and mayhem
  • Adds new goals for players to seek out and adds more content for PVE based servers
  • A method to slow down larger groups from freely looting monuments without a challenge
  • Admins can advertise a unique aspect of their RUST servers

Who can enter the RUST Bradley APC command and variables

The RUST Bradley APC command and variables can be issued and configured on vanilla RUST servers by RUST admins and moderators only.  Non-admin players on vanilla RUST servers cannot use the RUST Bradley APC command and variables.

RUST Bradley APC command (1 of 2)

  • This command is used to manually spawn a Bradley APC into the game, regardless if the RUST Bradley APC has been enabled on start up
  • When issuing this command, the initiating player must be above the ground and not clipped
  • The mouse cursor needs to be pointed in the exact location of where the Bradley APC should spawn
  • Bradley APC can be removed using the ent.kill command

Note that this command does not work from RCON platforms and does require being logged into the game server.

Use the command below to spawn a single Bradley APC:

spawn bradleyapc

On success the console will display:

spawned bradleyapc[16268362] at (111.0, 0.1, 124.9)

RUST bradley.quickrespawn command (2 of 2)

  • This command is used to force a re-spawn of the Bradley APC at the Launch Site monument
  • The current Bradley APC associated with the Launch Site monument is forcefully de-spawned and a new Bradley APC re-spawns at a random position at the Launch Site.
  • When the Bradley APC was first released there were many issues with it catching on the generated nav_mesh, so this command was put in to allow admins the ability to quickly reset the Bradley APC.
  • The success message only appears in RCON platforms, there is no response from the in-game console.

Note that this command does work from RCON platforms and doesn’t require being logged into the game server. 

Use the command below to re-spawn a single Bradley APC:


On success the console will display:


Related Bradley APC Variables

VariableDefault Description
bradley.enabledTrueEnables the Bradley APC to spawn at the Launch Site monument.
bradley.respawndelayminutes60Defines the amount of time (in minutes) for the Bradley to re-spawn.
bradley.respawndelayvariance1Provides a variance in the re-spawn delay, so that it cannot be accurately camped.

2 Comments on “RUST Bradley APC Command and Variables”

  1. As of 5th of April 2018 many server & admin commands dont work properly including Bradley commands.

    spawn bradley.quickrespawn doesnt work anymore for some reason. Before the above mentioned rust devblog it used to work like a charm, spawning an AI bradley inside the launch site. Now when the command is issued it says – entity type not found. Is there a new command to respawn the bradley inside the launch site ?? Do we have to contact the devs? If anyone has a solution pls give us a hint.
    The other commands work properly:
    spawn bradleyapc

    1. The command is as follows:


      You found a typo, thanks for pointing it out, it’s been corrected, tested, and updated. Sometimes these commands change with each patch and update. We do our best to follow up when we know the commands have changed. Sometimes though, we have an error, I believe this was the case.

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