RUST Admin Commands & Server Commands 2018

RUST Admin Commands 2017

RUST Admin Commands 2018

This page has compiled the latest known RUST admin commands and server commands in one place. Find a detailed list below of RUST admin commands for 2018. Use the search field above the admin commands table to search for a specific admin or server command.

There are multiple sources of RUST admin command lists, in which none are “complete” and suffer from a constantly fluctuating game. RUST Admin commands and server commands are frequently added and removed and modified. Some descriptions are not provided for many of the RUST admin commands.

RUST Admin Commands, Server Commands & Server Variables 

All admin commands listed in the table below will be followed by the official description provided by Facepunch Studios. There are many RUST admin commands that have been added into the game without an official description. The admin commands without descriptions will display as “(no description)” and some admin commands with no description will have the default values of the command separated by commas. Those with default values provided are typically server variables or otherwise known as CVARS/Convars.

Some server variables require the server to be restarted before they take effect. Other server variables can take effect instantly. An example would be the weather variables, like rain and fog. Server variables that need be retained on server restarts require the following command to be run after the variable:


The command above will write the current server settings into the server’s configuration file, making the changes permanent. Next restart the server, by running the following command:


Once the server has restarted, the new configurations will be in effect.

When restarting the server and recent changes are not appearing to have taken affect, it’s likely that the server’s start up script variables are overriding. Be sure to check this out before restarting.

If the server variable command is invoked without passing in a value, it should read back the current value in the console. If this comes back unexpected, check the start up script to ensure the value is not being overwritten.

ai.thinkIf set to False, bears and wolfs are only hostile on attack (True)
ai.moveIf set to False, animals will stop moving (recommended for performance boost) (True)
ai.sensetimeIt's no use to change this value (1)
ai.frametimeno description (5)
ai.tickrateChanges the tickrate of animals (5)
antihack.enabledEnables / disables antihack (True)
antihack.admincheatAre admins allowed to use their admin cheat (True)
antihack.objectplacementUse antihack to verify object placement by players (True)
antihack.modelstateUse antihack to verify model state sent by players (True)
antihack.userlevel0 = users, 1 = admins, 2 = developers (2)
antihack.enforcementlevelWhat happens if player is above 'antihack.maxviolation' - 0 = no enforcement, 1 = kick, 2 = ban (1)
antihack.maxdesyncMax allowed client desync, lower value = more false positives (1)
antihack.relaxationrateThe rate at which violation values go back down (0.1)
antihack.relaxationpauseThe time before violation values go back down (10)
antihack.maxviolationViolation value above this results in enforcement (100)
antihack.noclip_protection0 = disabled, 1 = ray, 2 = sphere, 3 = curve (3)
antihack.noclip_rejectWhether or not to reject movement when noclip is detected (True)
antihack.noclip_penaltyViolation penalty to hand out when noclip is detected (0)
antihack.noclip_stepsizeMovement curve step size, lower value = less false positives (0.1)
antihack.noclip_maxstepsMovement curve max steps, lower value = more false positives (5)
antihack.speedhack_protection0 = disabled, 1 = enabled (1)
antihack.speedhack_rejectWhether or not to reject movement when speedhack is detected (False)
antihack.speedhack_penaltyViolation penalty to hand out when speedhack is detected (50)
antihack.speedhack_forgivenessSpeed threshold to assume speedhacking, lower value = more false positives (2)
antihack.speedhack_deltatimeTime interval to calculate speed in, lower value = more false positives (0.2)
antihack.speedhack_ticketsRequired number of speeding tickets to trigger a violation (15)
antihack.speedhack_historySpeeding ticket history length (20)
antihack.flyhack_protection0 = disabled, 1 = simple, 2 = advanced (2)
antihack.flyhack_rejectWhether or not to reject movement when flyhack is detected (False)
antihack.flyhack_penaltyViolation penalty to hand out when flyhack is detected (50)
antihack.projectile_protection0 = disabled, 1 = speed, 2 = speed + entity, 3 = speed + entity + LOS (3)
antihack.projectile_penaltyViolation penalty to hand out when projectile hack is detected (0)
antihack.projectile_forgivenessProjectile speed forgiveness in percent, lower value = more false positives (0.5)
antihack.projectile_paddingProjectile hit distance padding in meters, lower value = more false positives (5)
antihack.projectile_serverframesProjectile server frames to include in delay, lower value = more false positives (2)
antihack.projectile_clientframesProjectile client frames to include in delay, lower value = more false positives (2)
antihack.projectile_ticketsRequired number of projectile line of sight tickets to trigger a violation (10)
antihack.melee_protection0 = disabled, 1 = initiator, 2 = initiator + target, 3 = initiator + target + LOS (3)
antihack.melee_penaltyViolation penalty to hand out when melee hack is detected (0)
antihack.melee_forgivenessMelee distance forgiveness in percent, lower value = more false positives (0.5)
antihack.melee_paddingMelee hit distance padding in meters, lower value = more false positives (2)
antihack.melee_serverframesMelee server frames to include in delay, lower value = more false positives (2)
antihack.melee_clientframesMelee client frames to include in delay, lower value = more false positives (2)
antihack.melee_ticketsRequired number of melee line of sight tickets to trigger a violation (2)
antihack.eye_protection0 = disabled, 1 = distance, 2 = distance + LOS (2)
antihack.eye_penaltyviolation penalty to hand out when eye hack is detected (0)
antihack.debuglevel0 = silent, 1 = print max violation, 2 = print every violation (1)
batching.colliders*EXPERIMENTAL* Rust batches colliders to get around the maximum collider limit. To improve server performance you can unbatch (batching.colliders 0) colliders until they reach 250k. (True)
batching.collider_verticesno description (10000)
batching.collider_submeshesno description (1)
batching.verboseno description (0)
chat.enabledEnable or disable chat displaying (True)
chat.serverlogEnable or disable chat logging (True)
construct.frameminutesHow many minutes before a placed frame gets destroyed (30)
craft.instantEnable or disable instant crafting (False)
debug.checktriggersDebug triggers (False)
decay.tickLarger amount increases the applied decay damage to entity. (600)
decay.scale1 = normal decay, 0,5 = 50%, 0 = turn decay off (1)
decay.debugDebugmode (False)
env.timeShows in-game time. If value declared, will change the server time (values: 0 - 24)
env.dayDisplays the day of the month. Pointless to change this value (12)
env.monthDisplays the month. Pointless to change this value (6)
env.yearDisplays the year. Pointless to change this value (2024)
env.progresstimePauses time of day progression when (false).
env.addtimeAdd (in hours) time to spawn choppers / airdrops without changing the server in-game time
gc.intervalChanges the interval between garbage collects. (-1)
heli.lifetimeminutesThe amount of time the helicopter is allowed to stay in minutes. (15)
heli.gunsEnables / disables the helicopters minigun. If set to 0, the helicopter will shoot rockets only. (1)
heli.bulletdamagescaleChanges the bullet damage of the helicopter. Higher value = more damage (1)
heli.bulletaccuracyChanges the accuracy of the bullets. Higher value = less accuracy (2)
net.visdebugTurns on debug display of network visibility (False)
physics.droppedmodeThe physics mode that dropped items and corpses should use. good, tempgood or fast. fast + tempgood might cause objects to fall through other objects. (good)
physics.sendeffectsSend effects to clients when physics objects collide (True)
physics.bouncethresholdno description (2)
physics.sleepthresholdno description (0.005)
physics.solveriterationcountThe default solver iteration count permitted for any rigid bodies (default 7). Must be positive (3)
physics.stepsThe amount of physics steps per second (16)
pool.skinsno description (False)
sentry.targetallTarget everyone regardless of authorization (False)
sentry.hostiledurationHow long until something is considered hostile after it attacked (120)
server.ipSets the IP of the server. Should be stated in the startup parameters
server.portSets the IP of the server. Should be stated in the startup parameters
server.maxplayersChanges the maximum amount of player slots.
server.hostnameSets the Servername. example: server.hostname "My Rust Server"
server.identityChanges path to your server data. (my_server_identity)
server.levelSets the map of the server (Procedural Map) values: Barren, Craggy Island, Hapis, Savas Island
server.seedSets the the map generation seed.
server.saltPrints the server.salt
server.worldsizeChanges the map size (3000). values: 1000 - 8000. 3000 equals 9km². (3000m^2)
server.saveintervalInterval between the server saves the map. (300)
server.secureEnables / disables Valve Anti Cheat security. (True)
server.tickrateChanges the server tickrate. Going higher than 30 is not recommended. (30)
server.entityrateTickrate. Recommended to leave it at 16. (16)
server.cycletimeno description (500)
server.officialOnly whitelisted server by Facepunch can use this command (False)
server.globalchatIf set to false, only people within voice range can read each others messages. (True)
server.stabilityIf set to false, building blocks will have 100% stability no matter how high you build. (True)
server.radiationDisables / enables server radioation (True)
server.itemdespawnTime until an item despawn (180)
server.pveEnables / disables PvE mode (False)
server.descriptionCommand used to write a server description. Make \n to make a new line
server.headerimageSets the serverbanner - picture must be 500x256
server.urlSets the server 'Webpage'
server.branch no description ()
server.eacEnables / disables Easy Anti Cheat (1)
server.queriespersecondno description (2000)
server.ipqueriesperminno description (30)
server.meleedamageChanges the melee damage in percent - 1 = 100, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0% (1)
server.arrowdamageChanges the arrow damage in percent - 1 = 100, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0% (1)
server.bulletdamageChanges the bullet damage in percent - 1 = 100, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0% (1)
server.bleedingdamageChanges the bleeding damage in percent - 1 = 100, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0% (1)
server.meleearmorChanges the scale of protection against melee damage from clothing and armor in percent - 1 = 100, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0% (1)
server.arrowarmorChanges the scale of protection against arrow damage from clothing and armor in percent - 1 = 100, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0% (1)
server.bulletarmorChanges the scale of protection against bullet damage from clothing and armor in percent - 1 = 100, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0% (1)
server.bleedingarmorChanges the scale of protection against bleeding damage from clothing and armor in percent - 1 = 100, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0% (1)
server.updatebatchHow many entity updates should we send per loop. Setting this > 1000 might cause lag when a player first joins your server. (128)
server.planttickPlants tick every x seconds. This is how many seconds between ticks. (60)
server.planttickscaleSetting this to 2 will make plants grow, fruit and die two times faster than normal. (1)
server.respawnresetrangeDistance from sleeping bag to reset other sleeping bags/beds. (50)
server.maxunackMax amount of unacknowledged messages before we assume we're congested (4)
server.maxfloodMax amount of ticks to receive per second before we assume a client is flooding us (1000)
server.netcacheUse network caching (True)
server.netcachesizeInformational, the size of the network cache (in bytes) (2214666)
server.savecachesizeInformational, the size of the save cache (in bytes) (2264944)
server.combatlogsizeThe size of the combat log (100)
server.idlekickNumber of minutes until idle players are kicked (30)
server.idlekickmode0 = no idle kick, 1 = kick if server full, 2 = always kick (1)
server.idlekickadmins1 = admins can get idle kicked (0)
server.maxreceivetimeno description (20)
server.compressionno description (False)
server.netlogno description (False)
spawn.min_rateno description (0,2)
spawn.max_rateno description (2)
spawn.min_densityno description (0,2)
spawn.max_density no description (2)
stability.verboseno description (0)
stability.strikesno description (10)
stability.collapseno description (0.05)
stability.accuracyno description (0.001)
time.fixeddeltaFixed delta time in seconds (0.0625)
time.maxdeltaThe minimum amount of times to tick per frame (0.33)
vis.damageTurns on debug display of damages (False)
vis.attackTurns on debug display of attacks (False)
vis.protectionTurns on debug display of protection (False)
vis.weakspotsTurns on debug display of weakspots (False)
vis.triggersShow trigger entries (False)
vis.hitboxesTurns on debug display of hitboxes (False)
vis.lineofsightTurns on debug display of line of sight checks (False)
xmas.enabledno description (True)
xmas.spawnrangeno description (50)
xmas.giftsperplayerno description (2)
xmas.refillno description
rcon.printIf true, rcon commands etc will be printed in the console (False)
findSearch for a command
statusPrint out currently connected clients
statsPrint out stats of currently connected clients
kickKicks a player from the server. usage: kick {playername} {reason} example: kick Frank "stop crying"
kickallKicks everyone from the server.
banPermanently bans a player from the server. usage: ban {playername} {reason} example: ban Frank "stop crying"
moderatorid( void ) no description
ownerid( void ) no description
removemoderator( void ) no description
removeowner( void ) no description
banid( void ) no description
unban( void ) no description
playersPrint out currently connected clients etc
saySends a message in chat
usersShow user info for players on server.
banlistList of banned users (sourceds compat)
banlistexList of banned users - shows reasons and usernames
listidList of banned users, by ID (sourceds compat)
mutevoiceno description
unmutevoiceno description
mutechatno description
unmutechatno description
playerlistGet a list of players
bansList of banned users
serverinfoGet a list of information about the server
batching.refresh_collidersno description
batching.statusno description
chat.tailReturn the last x lines of the console. Default is 200
chat.searchSearch the console for a particular string
console.tailReturn the last x lines of the console. Default is 200
console.searchSearch the console for a particular string
data.exportno description
flushgroupTakes you in and out of your current network group, causing you to delete and then download all entities in your PVS again
breakheldBreak the current held object
breakitemBreak all the items in your inventory whose name match the passed string
hurtDamage yourself
entity.debug_toggleno description
entity.nudgeno description
entity.createCreate entities, you must be playing in the server, use F1 to open console. Example entity list:
gc.collectno description
gc.unloadno description
global.restartRestart the server - with x seconds warning. If no seconds given, server restarts after 5 minutes. (300 seconds)
global.quitStops the server and closes the command prompt.
global.reportno description
global.objectsno description
global.texturesno description
global.collidersno description
global.errorno description
global.queueno description
global.sleepno description
global.injureno description
global.spectateno description
global.teleportno description
global.teleport2meno description
global.teleportanyno description
global.teleportposno description
global.cleanupno description
global.versionno description
global.sysinfono description
global.skipqueueLooks for Steam ID in connection queue and lets the player connect immediately
heli.dropSpawns a helicopter at a specific players posititon (heli.drop )
heli.calltomeForces a helicopter to spawn off map and fly to your position
heli.callCalls in a helicopter to roam the map like normal
heli.strafeForces helicopter to target a specific player (heli.strafe )
hierarchy.lsno description
hierarchy.cdno description
hierarchy.delno description
inventory.giveno description
inventory.giveallno description
inventory.givetono description
inventory.giveidno description
inventory.givearmno description
pool.print_memoryno description
pool.print_prefabsno description
pool.print_assetsno description
pool.clear_memoryno description
pool.clear_prefabsno description
pool.clear_assetsno description
server.stopStops the server
server.backupBackup server folder
server.writecfgWrites config files
server.fpsPrints current server fps
server.saveForce save the current game
server.readcfgno description
spawn.fill_populationsno description
spawn.fill_groupsno description
spawn.reportPrints some information about entities already spawned on the server
weather.cloudsno description
weather.fogno description
weather.windno description
weather.rainModify rain intensity, values between 0-100 (auto)
global.dumpno description
noclipno description
supply.callno description
supply.callno description
halloween.enabledno description
halloween.murdererpopulationno description
bear.populationPopulation active on the server, per square km (2)
boar.populationPopulation active on the server, per square km (5)
chicken.populationPopulation active on the server, per square km (3)
horse.populationPopulation active on the server, per square km (2)
stag.populationPopulation active on the server, per square km (3)
wolf.populationPopulation active on the server, per square km (2)
zombie.populationPopulation active on the server, per square km (0)
global.godno description
ent killDestroys game object that cursor is aimed at.
ent whoWhen aimed at a deployable gives the SteamID of who placed it.
ent unlockUnlocks Codelock/Keylock.
ent lockLocks Codelock/Keylock.
entitySends a command to the server followed by the ID of the entity we're looking at
respawnIf you're in spectate mode this will return you back to life.
debugcameraSwitch to a debug camera mode, where you can fly around while your body stays still. You should switch to third person first using F3 to be able to see your body properly.
client.printeyesPrint the current player eyes.
client.printheadPrint the current player head.
client.printinputPrint the current player input.
client.printposPrint the current player position.
client.printrotPrint the current player rotation.
timewarningUsed to assess various server performance areas.

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    1. Hey nadal28, thanks for the feedback. I checked up on the entity.create command. Entity.create is still in game and working. It requires a valid parameter in order for the command to work, using one of the many entities in game. Oxidemods typically keep updated lists of these entities. We’ll certainly look into writing a more detailed article around the entity and spawn commands in the near future.

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