RUST Admin Commands List 2018

RUST Admin Commands 2017

RUST Admin Commands, Server Commands, Console Commands

You will find the full list of RUST admin commands, server commands, console commands, server variables, console variables (CVARS). The table below has compiled the full list in once place and has made them easily searchable.  Use the search field above the RUST admin commands table to search for a specific admin command or server variable.

This last was last updated on 6/16/2018


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    1. Hey nadal28, thanks for the feedback. I checked up on the entity.create command. Entity.create is still in game and working. It requires a valid parameter in order for the command to work, using one of the many entities in game. Oxidemods typically keep updated lists of these entities. We’ll certainly look into writing a more detailed article around the entity and spawn commands in the near future.

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