Corrosion Hour Pure

Corrosion Hour Pure RUST Server

Corrosion Hour Pure is a high performance, dedicated RUST server, based out of New York, USA. This server is  kept up 24/7 and provides a 100% Vanilla RUST experience. There are no modifications, plugins, or server based rules that impact game play. What you see is what you get.

This server wipes on a bi-weekly basis, starting on the 1st Thursday of the month and 15 days after. Both the map and blueprints will be wiped, so there is an even playing ground for new players to the server.

  • Open to all of the RUST Community
  • 100% Vanilla Server
  • No Mods / Plugins
  • Bi-weekly Map & BP Wipes

What are you waiting for? We invite you to come build, explore, hunt, survive and have fun without the worry of losing your hard work due to unpredictable server wipes.

Connecting to our RUST Servers

Search for us in the Community tab, with “Corrosion Hour” or connect immediately through steam. In addition, if your server browser is not working, you can use the in-game console.

  • Load up RUST Experimental
  • Copy the command and server address below to your clipboard
  • Press F1 key to open the in-game console
  • Paste the clipboard contents and press enter

Client Connect to Corrosion Hour Pure


Corrosion Hour Pure Server Rules

  • Racist language and signage is not tolerated
  • No harassment, hate speech, gender insults of other players
  • No spamming or advertising servers and websites
  • No impersonating server admins
  • No spreading false information about the server and its rules, players, or admins
  • If it’s in the current game’s mechanics, we allow it. The base concept here is that if they can do it, so can you.
  • Servers are monitored 24/7 and chat/language rules are auto-enforced
  • Players with VAC & Game bans less than 365 days are automatically removed
  • Admins may ban, kick or mute players for any offense
  • DO have a good time and enjoy!
  • DO kick some serious RUST booty!
  • DO let your friends know about the server and its community!
  • DO consider donating to help keep the dedicated server costs down!

Use common sense and good judgment. We’re not going to, nor should we have to, list all possible offenses that can be committed. Remember, it’s not your right to play on our servers, you’re a guest. Be nice, we’ll reciprocate. If the server rules are too much for you, find another RUST server. There’s thousands of them out there, one of them will match your play style.

Best of luck.

Ban Appeals

If you find yourself banned and want another chance, direct message an admin on the Discord server. VAC and Game bans cannot be appealed.